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(Living with Vitiligo: The Emotional and Physical Struggle)

Feel vitiligo’s impact beyond the skin? The stares, self-consciousness, and the journey to confidence – we understand. Dolphin IBA addresses this emotional and physical struggle, offering relief and rejuvenation.

Unlocking Nature's Secrets

Dolphin IBA, in Kerala’s lush landscapes, blends indigenous herbs and freeze-dried donkey milk for holistic wellness. This unique synergy nurtures your skin from within, promoting well-being beyond the surface.

Reclaim Your Confidence

Don’t let vitiligo dictate your self-esteem. Dolphin IBA invites you to embrace a future where confidence and even-toned skin go hand in hand. Our holistic approach has restored hope to countless individuals.

Take Control of Your Wellness Journey

Explore effective vitiligo tips or kickstart your wellness journey with insights into how our skincare promotes natural balance.

Reclaim Your Confidence - Act Now!

Order Dolphin IBA’s Skin Cream for a revitalized, confident you.


What is the recommended usage of Dolphin IBA Skin Cream for addressing vitiligo?

The recommended usage of Dolphin IBA Skin Creams (Morning skin cream and Evening skin cream) for addressing vitiligo is in the morning and evening, regularly over the course of one year.

Are Vitiligo skin cream suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Vitiligo Skin Cream formulated to be gentle and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Can I use Vitiligo Skin Cream as part of my skincare routine?

Absolutely! Vitiligo Skin Cream is designed to complement each other. You can incorporate them into your daily skincare routine for maximum results.

How can I calculate the shipping for my country?

Our shipping charges for US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand Rs.2000 for single product and additional product Rs.200 will be added.

Our shipping charges for Rest of the world, Europe & GCC Rs.1500 for single product and additional product Rs.150 will be added.

What is your commitment in terms of skincare product formulation?

Dolphin IBA is dedicated to offering skincare products free from harmful chemicals, emphasizing quality ingredients and ethical practices.

What is the intended outcome of applying these skin creams?

Dolphin IBA Morning skin cream and Evening skin cream aim to effectively halt vitiligo progression and enhance the skin's natural defense against pigment loss with our age-defense formula.

where your company is located?

Dolphin IBA Nutricosmetics & Cosmeceuticals Private Limited is based in Kerala, India. Nestled in the lush greenery of Kerala, our skincare products draw inspiration from the region's diverse flora and traditional practices. The tropical climate and indigenous knowledge contribute to the creation of effective skincare solutions tailored to different skin needs.

My 25-year Vitiligo struggle ended with Dolphin IBA Skin Repair Cream in Aug '23. Remarkable repigmentation on my hands restored confidence. Grateful for the transformative power and renewed skin health. Thank you, Dolphin IBA!
Mrs. Printo