• Strengthen your skin’s natural defense system against daily urban pollution and treat wrinkles and loss of firmness with our age-defense moisturizer.
  • Dolphin IBA’s proprietary Skin Cream is a concentrated form to awaken skin’s youthful potential.


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Winter Skincare
Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin
and hello to a healthy,
glowing complexion all winter long.
Repair damaged skin
Experience goodness of donkey milk for natural boost in hydration and repair the skin barrier.
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Anti-age creams
Revitalise with our Donkey
Milk Anti-Ageing Cream
for timeless radiance
and youthful skin.
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  • All Natural
    Sourced from our own donkey farm, our products reflect our commitment to nature and quality.
  • TOP Quality
    Unlock the secrets of history for ageless, radiant skin with Dolphin IBA.
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