In the charming town of Ramamangalam, Kerala, where the Muvattupuzha River whispers secrets and rolling hills create a serene backdrop, Aby Baby’s journey with Dolphin IBA unfolds like a captivating tale that began in 2017.

Aby’s fascination with donkeys sparked from an unexpected source – the Bible. The ancient tale of Job and his 1000 female donkeys ignited his curiosity, prompting exploration into the untapped potential of donkey milk for skincare.

Fueled by a desire to redefine luxury skincare for women fatigued by harsh chemicals, he embarked on an ambitious venture. Establishing a donkey farm at Ramamangalam, where 32 donkeys graze against picturesque hills and fields, wasn’t just a business move; it represented a commitment to purity and authenticity. Previous attempts to source donkey milk externally faced challenges in consistency and purity, compelling Aby to take matters into his own hands.

His entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the family. His great-grandfather once operated a lemon grass extraction unit, and Aby aspires to continue this legacy. This family connection adds a unique flavour to Dolphin IBA, blending tradition with modern luxury.

Setting up the donkey farm came with its share of challenges, but the commitment to purity guided every decision. Ensuring the well-being of each donkey became a top priority, aligning with Dolphin IBA’s philosophy of blending luxury with responsibility. The decision to run their own farm marked a pivotal moment, showcasing dedication to creating skincare products that transcend industry standards.

Facing the hurdle of storing perishable donkey milk, Aby turned to innovation. Enter freeze-drying technology – a game-changer that preserved the rich nutrients of donkey milk and addressed storage concerns. This wasn’t just a practical solution; it was an unwavering commitment to delivering skincare products that maintain efficacy and purity.

As Dolphin IBA expands its reach to over 40 countries, the story becomes an ode to discerning individuals. Skincare isn’t just a routine for them; it’s a luxurious indulgence, a celebration of nature’s beauty secrets, and a commitment to purity and authenticity.

Now, as he dreams big, envisioning a 1000-donkey farm, Dolphin IBA’s journey continues to unfold. This dream is not just about numbers; it’s a testament to Aby’s unwavering passion for donkey milk skincare, a vision that transcends boundaries and charts a course for a future where the beauty of nature is celebrated on a grand scale – the incredible story behind Dolphin IBA ‘s birth.